CODAP® Division 2 : 2015 - VA

CODAP® Division 2 : 2015  - VA

Code for Construction of unfired Pressure Vessels


  This part defines the scope and application of the code according to the applicable regulations, the general principles on which the rules and conditions precedent to their application are based and the concept of
  construction category.

  Design and Calculations
  The requirements of this part allow, after detailed inventory of mechanical and thermals loadings to which the equipment will be subjected, to select the geometries, to design joints and to determine the thicknesses
   and dimensions to prevent ruin following the different modes of failure of the equipment covered by the code.

The requirements of this part relate to the provisions for the operations of cutting, forming,joining, welding, rolling expansion, thermal treatments, etc. whose observation makes it possible to obtain the characteristics provided for the base
material and the joints in the conditions of use of the equipment, as well as respect for the dimensions provided.

Testing – Proof Tests - Inspection
This part concerns the operations to be carried out to check that all the requirements of the code have been well observed and therefore the quality of the equipment ensures the expected